Conveyor Rentals


Jordan Construction Company

Telebelt Hourly Rate Sheet


TB80 Conveyor  Belt:  $155.00 per hour  *

TB72 Conveyor Belt:   $145.00 per hour  *


  •  Dispatch available from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm weekdays 
  • Three (3) hour minimum charge per pour
  •  Charge per yard / ton
  •  $3.75 per yard of concrete: Ton of aggregate
  •  Travel will be charged one-way from East Moline, IL at $100.00 ($80.00 minimum local travel charge).  Travel over 1 1/2 hours will be charged both ways.
  • Two (2) hour cancellation notice is required.  Late cancellations will be charged for 1 hour of Telebelt time ($155.00).
  • Weekly overtime charge of $25 / hour, in addition to the regular belt rate (all day)

Customer is responsible for proper set-up and clean-up area.


Customer is responsible for proper concrete slump and design


Any applicable state, county or city permit fees are an additional charge


Any applicable fuel surcharges are in additional charge


Contact Phone Numbers:

Chris Jepsen - 563.529.1595 - Owner

Cyle Hawkins - 309.738.4310 - Belt Operator

Mike Shannon - 309.781.9688 - Belt Operator

Office - 309.796.0731


*  Note:  Rates subject to change.  Please call for current rates and custom pricing quotes.